Torvalds’ 2.4 Kernel Was A Major Boon For Linux


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linuxfdFor almost a year now the Linux community has been abuzz with speculation about when Linus Torvalds will release the next version of the Linux core, the 2.4 kernel. Analysts have said it would mark a significant advancement for Linux,…

Synclink Was Critical To SDRam Development


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With Synclink, packet-oriented transactions between the controller and the modules would take place over semi-synchronous, unidirectional buses. Commands would move on one bus and responses on a second, at speeds as high as 500 Mbytes/s. The proposal contained ideas about…

Managing Business Documents On The Web? Easy!


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mbdotwGot some documents to deliver? Why not code them into HTML and let ‘em rip over the Net? It’s a cheap and easy solution that could put those big, proprietary document management systems out of business in no time, right?…

Early Euro Poland Made Life Difficult For Providers Looking For Growth


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pchwDistribution In Poland, who you know determines how well you do. The trick is making friends with resellers who don’t just pop up, take your product and then vanish with your zlotys Even though Lech Walesa has returned to the…

Drive Failure Recovery Do’s and Don’ts


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If your hard drive crashes, fear not: this article will help.If your hard drive crashes, fear not: this article will help. One of the challenges of owning a computer is facing a problem with hard drive. Since all of your files are stored in your hard drive, encountering a hard…

Succeeding In Europe Difficult For US IT Vendors


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It’s Europe’s dirty little secret: A wicked financing shortage threatens to put dozens of computer distributors out of business. Nobody likes to talk about it. But everybody’s worried. Even vendors. If too many distributors are killed off, prices will go…

Lilly Stepped Up For Early DB Technology


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deiBehind every new-drug submission filed to the Food and Drug Administration lies a mountain of information. Each pharmaceutical submission is backed up by binder after binder of technical reports that detail untold volumes of lab experiments and other information required…

VB: The King Of “Dangerous” Scripting Languages?

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Posted on 27th September 2014 by admin in Uncategorized

sldJust as Visual Basic made life easier for programmers, the recently announced licensing and redesign of Visual Basic for Applications could revolutionize the use of scripting languages. But with the revolution come risks, such as security, that independent software vendors…

Intranet Standards Were Key For Growth


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iswkWhen separate groups started laying intranet foundations at the global construction and engineering giant, a corporate group took charge of defining the specs With architectural and engineering wonders like the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the Hoover Dam to its…

Flash Memory: On Its Way Down


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fbFor buyers, prices are falling and supply is plentiful. Flash chips that were on allocation in 2013 are now readily available. For suppliers, demand will be strong as more electronics equipment makers use flash and the amount of flash memory…